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At Xpert Technologies, we aim to fulfill ambitions. We believe in creating maximum economic value for our clients and shareholders, without sacrificing human values and principles and are committed to attracting and investing in individuals who value ambition, collaboration, integrity and a 'can do' spirit.

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Xpert Technologies is a software house developing solutions that address real business requirements. At Xpert Technologies, we believe that developing software solutions for our customers is not only dependent on producing extensive lines of coding to suit a list of predefined requirements. Instead, we aim to gain a thorough understanding of our clients' business challenges to ensure that our products suit their business needs.

We have successfully delivered solutions to a variety of fields, such as Sales Management, Process Management and Risk Management.

Xpert Technologies is based in Fribourg, Switzerland - right in the heart of Europe. This has the added benefit that Xpert Technologies works truly internationally, employing top qualified multilingual and multicultural experts.

Xpert Technologies has utilized its software development expertise in collaboration with world-leading research institutes, universities and blue chip companies to provide innovative, customized solutions to real business problems.

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